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The Yovo Content and Community Guidelines (“Guidelines”) govern your use of our mobile application, Yovo (the “Platform”) which is made available by Totality Corp. Pvt. Ltd. (“Totality Corp.”, “we”, “us” and “our”), a private company established under the laws of India having its registered office in Delhi.

Our Platform connects you with people, and helps you share your ideas, opinions and emotions with the world. We believe in empowering people to fully express themselves in a new age digital society. The users of our Platform are diverse and multilingual, and the content they post here reflects their culture and belief. The community here is receptive to a variety of content, but the Platform is accessed by a variety of audiences. Hence, to ensure that all our users follow a standard practice and for their own safety, we have put in place some guidelines and restrictions.

All the content, including without limitation, content that is uploaded, posted, commented on, or shared by you on our Platform, must adhere to the laws of the Republic of India, including, the Indian Penal Code, 1860 and the Information Technology Act, 2000 along with all rules and amendments made under such laws. Kindly comply with the law and do not engage in anything that could land you into trouble.

Sexually Explicit Content

The Platform does not allow pornography or sexually explicit content which includes images, videos, vectors, etc. (even if it is an image/video of you) that indicate nudity, sex, sexual intercourse or obscenity and any content involving people working with the porn industry is not allowed. Adult or child pornography is prohibited to be shown in one way or the other. Most importantly, never post, save or send sexually explicit, pornographic or nude material involving anyone, including you, under the age of 18. Kindly note that we abide by the law and work closely with law enforcement agencies; we report any such content, especially content involving child sexual exploitation posted on the Platform.

Harassment and Bullying

We have zero tolerance for bullying or harassment of any kind. Any content that targets private individuals to degrade or shame them, personal information meant to blackmail or harass someone and repeated unwanted messages is not allowed on the Platform. Kindly report any content that harasses another person or degrades or shames anyone. If users are mildly annoying or petty, they should be ignored. However, if harassment crosses the line into a malicious attack, it can be reported and may be removed.

Intellectual Property

Copying content whose intellectual property rights are held by another person or organisation, and posting it as your own, is not allowed. If you want to reshare content from within the Platform, do not remove attributions, watermarks and original captions. Also, please take permission and give due credits to your fellow user who creates such content by mentioning their name. Only upload content that you made or that you’re authorized to use.


Any content that causes discomfort to our users due to the goriness in the content, such as graphical images or videos that glorify violence, or intends to incite violence, or encourages dangerous and illegal activities, or praises groups or leaders involved in terrorism, organized violence or criminal activities is not allowed on our Platform. Scenes that portray/promote war, fight or scenes that can hurt people’s sentiments or shall start negative controversies and issues in the society are prohibited. Any content which contains material that tends to incite acts of violence and disturb public peace and tranquility or shows killings, elections, war etc. is not be shown on our Platform in any form. If you post violent content to provide information, education or spread awareness, be mindful to provide enough information to help people understand what’s going on in the video. Don’t encourage others to commit specific acts of violence.

Harmful, Dangerous or Hateful Content

Our Platform supports freedom of expression, but any kind of content which produces hatred or has the intention of creating or spreading hatred or hate propaganda along the lines of religion, caste, ethnicity, community, age or gender is not allowed. Leaders or people who influence society on a large scale or a group of important or VIP people of any nation, country etc. mustn’t be shown.

No image, act, video etc. should be used in which blood, murder, sexual harassment, child labour, women inequality or any social issue is shown openly or the use or arms and ammunitions at all. Any content that promotes rape, sexual harassment, women inequality etc. or or portrays such issues in a positive or acceptable manner must not be shown at all. Further, any content that relates to physical, sexual, or psychological maltreatment, neglect or abuse of a person, be it that of a child or an adult, is prohibited. Such content showing the above mentioned harmful, dangerous or hateful acts may get age-restricted or removed depending on their severity.

Spam and Misleading Content

False advertisements, fraudulent or misleading representations and security breaches, all fall under the ambit of commercial spam. They deter other users from sharing and connecting. Further, don’t create misleading descriptions, tags, titles, or thumbnails in order to increase views. Do not post the same content multiple times if it intends to annoy viewers or sell goods/services or gain followers.

Illegal Activities

We have zero-tolerance for content or activities that advocate or promote illegal activities. content related to organized crime, violence or terrorist activities is not allowed. Sale of illegal goods or services, regulated goods, drugs, and soliciting or selling of sexual services is strictly forbidden. Further, impersonating another person (such as your friends, celebrities or brands) and distributing false or misleading information on our Platform to make personal or financial gains is fraud and is not allowed. Scenes from any of the books, films etc. that are banned by the nation or the government shouldn’t be shown at all. content that is made must not make any direct or indirect reference to the prohibited or restricted products. If someone has posted your personal information or uploaded a video of you without your consent, you can request removal of content based on our Guidelines. Any Accounts that promote or post such content may be removed by us.

Non-Consensual Content

Any kind of personal content of another person without their consent is not allowed, including pictures or videos of people who will not appreciate such material being posted. Further, revealing someone’s personal data or sensitive personal data will be considered as harassing them, and such activities are unacceptable. Such non- consensual content will be removed by us.

Insensitive or Inappropriate Content

Any content with political or controversial faces or related matters that may hurt the viewer’s emotions or thought process should not be posted. No content related to religion, caste, creed, colour, sex, racism must be shown or portrayed. Advertising or showing images, videos, vectors, news etc. that promotes consumption of alcohol, smoking, drugs or illegal objects mustn’t be shown. Usage of curse words or obscene language that can hurt viewer’s sentiment or are not apt for the children to hear, read or learn is banned. Double meaning or insensitive statements towards any gender must be avoided. content that promotes miscarriages in women or prevent conception, predetermination of sex of the child, diagnose, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease specified by the government must not be shown.

Insensitive content including anything that portrays making fun or that can hurt people or a community going through disabilities, are specially gifted, homosexuals, gay, lesbian, etc. is not allowed. Further, any content that is sensitive to the society, such as consumption of beef, kissing in public, porn should not be posted.

The above mentioned categories of content are not allowed on our Platform. If such content comes to our attention, we may take it down. If you come across any content that violates these Guidelines, we encourage you to report it.

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